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Chapter Ten: The Systems Stage

Section 12: Stage Five Conclusions



The ability to deal systematically with systems is emerging and represents a quantum leap in our cognitive abilities. Ipso facto this stage means a higher level of integration and refinement in cognitive abilities. Analogously, better-developed moral systems based upon consequences rather than obedience can be applied constructively to advanced enlightened collective interests.



Transcultural consciousness is premised upon systems thinking. In understanding "culture" one comes to understand human nature, oneself and others in greater depth than at earlier stages of cognitive development. Cultural comparisons and contrasts enhance one's self-awareness and self-knowledge. A transcultural identity is expansive on the one hand, and yet renders an acute sense of the uniqueness and essentiality of the individual and the groups with which one identifies. Cross-cultural competencies, including communication and conflict resolution are advanced.



Cosmic consciousness probably remains limited even with systems thinking -- but we are not ruling out stages six, seven, eight. Nonetheless, our discussion of cosmic consciousness helps to clarify the identity-nested character of purpose, and the natural relationship between humanity and technology. Thus, systems thinking opens new potentials for achieving the human qualities demanded by our future.







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