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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future

Chapter Six: The Future Human

Section 21: Conclusions for The Future Human


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Dancer with African Rhythm Messengers performing at the San Jose America Festival on July 4, 1998.


The sense of purpose just discussed makes commitment and conviction possible -- and when properly directed by love, work and synergistic considerations, promote the ability of the individual to contribute to the system. In some ways, purpose is an aspect of identity -- perhaps the most important one. Fusing mature sense of purpose with the aspects of identity previously discussed, and combining these with the individual strengths and system competencies, we have created a human who will be effective in accommodating to the demands of the future, and yet mastering enough of that future to direct the world toward the world described in Article 26.2 of the Declaration of Human Rights, quoted at the beginning of chapter one.



Such a person would be better able to visualize the pragmatic utopia than most of us. However, one might suspect that it would be an innovative, multicultural, global, political friendship -- with education serving as the primary mover of human events.







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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future


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