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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future

Chapter Six: The Future Human

Section 9: Self-Knowledge


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Scottish Country dancers, two ringers from the audience join the performing group. "Ringers" because they were part of another dance group yet to perform.



Self-knowledge refers to one's grasp of the impact one has upon others. It includes self-awareness in that being in touch with one's motivations and realizing how one is acting is a large part of self-knowledge. Also important is reading others' reactions. Self-knowledge includes knowing what others think of one: "Do others like me?"; "Do they perceive me as competent?"; "Do they trust me?" Thus, while "self-awareness" is knowing how other people react to and what other people think of one, people differ on the extent and accuracy of their self-knowledge. A person with more accurate and precise self-knowledge will be more effective in influencing others in a desired direction. Therefore, self-knowledge is an important aspect of system competence.







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