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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future

Chapter Six: The Future Human

Section 4: Cognition


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First Item for San Jose Taiko, Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival, Saturday, 1998.



The above conditions will promote the development of refined and integrated systems for dealing with the physical and social world. "Refinement" refers to the degree of differentiation and precision that characterizes one's cognitive structures. Unrefined people will lack the subtlety needed to deal with the complexities of the modern world. Some people cannot coordinate the knowledge they do have -- this is because their cognitive subsystems are not well integrated.



Refined and well-integrated cognitive structures are necessary in dealing with ever-changing technology. New technology demands new competencies. The new competencies must be built upon solid foundations. People who learn only the formulae in math and science while neglecting social competencies will make everyday life a chore.







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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future


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