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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future

Chapter Six: The Future Human

Section 1: Chapter Introduction


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Japanese Classical Dance, Saturday.


In this chapter we outline the human qualities which will be desirable in, if not required by, the emerging world condition described in the previous chapters. Most of the chapter is concerned with qualities humans should share. However, this outline can be completed in endlessly different ways.



Diversity among humans and human groups acts as a resource for the species in the same way genotypic variety allows lower life forms to survive drastic environmental changes. It is difficult to foretell which seemingly incidental characteristics might become critical as the environment alters. (Colorblindness was used during the war to detect camouflage. Japanese family structure may be a key for promoting better labor-management relations and better industrial products.) Furthermore, diversity is valuable in that it offers more perspectives to coordinate into a richer world view. Thus, the importance of diversity among people and peoples must be kept in mind as we explore the potentials that should be held in common.






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Transcultural Friendship: Our Political Future


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